Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The weather

Ten days ago I was ordained to be a pastor in Lutheran Church of Australia. It was a wonderful service in the Concordia Chapel and a great day. Since then my furniture and goods have been packed up by the moving company, so my rooms looks a little spartan. 

Last Sunday I preached for my first time as a Lutheran pastor and blessed the sacrament. What a day. It seems so strange, I will never again be able to say "when I'm a pastor", because I am. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Qld for 5 days to preach in the Alberton Parish where I worked as a youth intern before studying at Sem, and catch up friends and family. I will at my parents place for Christmas and the new year. Just a lazy few weeks before starting in parish. 

By the way, as predicted the temperature for ordination was perfect, 22. 

Christmas blessings to you all