Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The renovation is underway. Last week the boys moved in and dug the foundations for the builder to make a start. The hole on the left is where the on-suite will go, the garage will be at the street end of the sand pit and the patio will go between the garage and this end of the sand pit. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New toy

Since being in the parish I have been a bit of a lazy bum and have not spent much time exercising. So to fix that problem I bought a bike, a Giant Upland. I realize that buying the bike does nothing to increase how much I exercise, so i walked the 20 mins down town and rode it back, and I plan to ride it regularly.  Now it has been a while since I rode a bike so the experience was interesting, but good. I am surprised how much peddling is required to keep the machine moving forward; aluminum and rubber is surprisingly heavy. Also, I am more accustom to the performance of my Yamaha WRF 400's 65 horse power and not a bicycle powered by a single ass. 

And in case you are wondering, no I don't need to loose weight for the wedding.


The renovations have begun

This view from the side of the manse shows that the carport and patio have been taken down. The wall with the glass door in it is going to be taken out and a new wall put up on the edge of the raised concrete pad. This will be the dining/family room. The brick garage will go where the car is and the new patio run from the back of the garage 11m into the yard. I have been busily moving plants I want to keep: daffodils, agapanthus, cannas, a small grape fruit tree and roses have been relocated, and so far they are all looking well. 

I have been doing some renovations of my own in the backyard to make room for a raised vege garden. No, I'm not becoming Peter Cundall but I do what a good vege garden.

Cheers, Adrian