Saturday, 31 May 2008

As many of you know I love my photography. So, when I saw on facebook that I could enter a photography competition I jumped at the chance. The current theme is vehicles and I entered three photos like this one.

It was taken from the Auckland airport on the way back to Australia. We left LA at 5:30pm Sunday and arrived in NZ at 5:30am Tuesday, just before the sun came up.

I will let you know how I go.


Monday, 26 May 2008


Many of you will know that when I went to Canada I regularly wrote 'you know you are in Canada when.' Well, moving back home after living overseas for an extended time means that adjustments have to be made and old things look new. So...

You know you are in Australia when:
  • You use the wiper controls (mounted on the left side of the steering column) to show other drivers which direction you are turning
  • You use the indicator control (found on the right side of the steering column) to put the car into park
  • The price of petrol (not gas) is $1.55 and diesel $1.82. Canadian $1.47 and $1.72 respectively

Blessings to you all


Sunday, 18 May 2008

The Hills in Autumn

After church today my mate Paul and I went for a drive in the Adelaide Hills to take in their Autumn beauty and to give my camera a run in the Australian landscape, given that up to now it has lived on a Canadian diet. And what a wonderful afternoon it was. Unlike a lot of South Australia the hills are very green, the vines have dropped their leaves, some of the native flowers are out and the roads are as windy as ever. A vista around every corner. It was a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A typical hills scene: vines and native bush

I think the horse was admiring the sun set also

Adrian xo

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I'm back

Well, 36 hours after leaving Marmion I arrived at my unit in North Adelaide on Tuesday morning at 10:30. I was welcomed at the airport by a placard waving crowd of four. I was tired and as promised the first thing I did was have a shower, then the unpacking and the telling of stories began.

I will have more to say later

Love, Adrian XO

Monday, 12 May 2008

The trip back

The first leg of my return to .au is complete. I am sitting in LAX waiting 5.5 hours until my flight to NZ leaves. Catching the plane this morning was a bit hairy. The scheduled leaving time was 12:55pm. We arrived at Toronto half an hour earlier than planned and discovered the flight was due to leave at 11:55. I rushed as much as I could and I was running for the boarding gate heard the final call for Air Canada flight 799. I boarded at 11:45.

Many people have asked me, "what is the first thing will when you get home?" I have given varying answers, but I can now give you the final answer: have a shower!!! After traveling for 32 hours I'm sure my friends will appreciate me not smelling like a gym towel.

Take care

PS: thanks for leaving early this morning Phil.

Adrian xo

Friday, 9 May 2008

Driving in a snow storm

Before I leave Canada I must tell my aussie friends what a driving in a snow storm is like. The following description must be performed to get a full understanding of driving in a snow storm.
  1. Go to your tv and pull out the the antenna cable
  2. Turn on the tv
  3. When snow has appeared on the screen get on your knees and push your nose against the glass and try and see the edge of the road. Can you see it? No. Good.
  4. Place your hands on the side of the tv, or even better, if you have a tv cabinet grab hold of the sides of the cabinet. This is now your steering wheel.
  5. While keeping your nose on the screen (which is now your windscreen) and hands on the wheel try and feel the vibration of the car driving on the edge of the road and heading for the ditch. If you can feel the car leaving the road, correct its path by gently steering in the opposite direction .
If you are laughing insanely and thinking to yourself "what am I doing this for?" then, and only then have you entered the mind of someone driving in a snow storm. Remember, if you stop you might be hit by another car or even worse, a snowplough.

Happy driving


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Close encounter

Last night I arrived home late and was getting my things out of the car when I heard something rustling in the bushes along the side of the house. I watched and waiting to see what would appear. To my surprise a skunk darted out of the bushes and walked along the edge of the garden about 6 metres from me. I have been well taught and did not make any sudden moves but let the little critter go on it way.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Farewell Sunday

On Sunday I preached my last sermon for vicarage at Faith Desboro. The 11am service was followed by a potluck (which one of the young people said must mean 'try one of everything' in German) and a farewell program that involved much singing, reminiscing, laughing and a few tears.

It was an extraordinary day. To hear so many people say many nice things about me was overwhelming. Can everything they say be true? Truly God has used me in this place to speak his word to his people, who are also my blessed friends.

I was struggling to know what to say that made my gratitude for everything the people of Faith have done for me sound genuine. Just saying thank you didn't seem enough. A friend said, ‘speak from your heart’. So I did and I managed to say everything I wanted to say.

To wind down from the emotional high of my farewell I went home and gave my new camera lens and spin. I photographed the flowers in a bouquet from church. I’m happy with my new toy.

Blessings to you all.

May you friends know how much you love them, as I know my friends love me.

Adrian xo

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thoughts of home

Well, the 'Return to Australia Clock' has ticked into single figures. I only have 9 days left until I climb aboard that tin bird and return to the southern hemisphere.

I have not been thinking much about going back home until last Saturday night. I went to bed early and started thinking, what is the first thing I will do when I get back to my unit? Sleep for two days? Visit my friends? Go and sit in the park across the road from my unit where I often go and talk to God? Eat a pie and sauce?... That was the end of getting to sleep early.

The jury is still out, but I will be glad to get off the plane.