Sunday, 19 October 2008

Now I can tell you

Last Monday us final years had our interviews with the College Presidents so they can get to know us better in order to place us in our first parish. 

32 hours later I opened an envelope in the National president's office to discover that next year I will be the pastor in the Esperance/Kalgoorlie parish in Western Australia. 

WOW, I am excited!!!!

While five of us were placed on Tuesday, two families are still waiting and may only find out in 2 weeks. I hope the waiting is not too long.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

There is something in the water

Engagements are everywhere. First of all Matthias and Julie were engaged a few weeks ago, and just this last weekend 3 more people living in Catharine Court were engaged. 

Michael and Maria
Tim and Lauren
Carl and Krista

There must be something in the water round here. 

The only thing happening with the water in unit 1 is its coming up through the floor! While vacuuming on Monday I noticed a wet patch on the carpet. On Tuesday it looked like our lounge room was going to be jack hammered up to get to the pipe. Thankfully we didn't wake this morning to find our apartment floating on Welly Square and the plumber fixed the problem without getting out any heavy machinery. But the fan is running 24/7 to dry the carpet.  

Keep dry, Adrian

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The things you see

When going on long trips I can recommend that you take plenty of stops and don't drink too much coffee. One every 2 hours is stacks. Having broken these rules on Sunday afternoon I thought I was seeing things when I saw an elephant in a trailer near Tailem Bend. However to show my friends that i was not hallucinating I shot it... with my D40x 

Thanks Rach for teaching me about photoshop.