Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This time next week...

This time next week I will be in the arms of my beloved. Ontario is 12 hours behind WA time and I will be landing in Toronto at 6:11am. So, by this time, 7:30, I should be through customs and reunited with Rebecca.

I love you Becca. Not long now.

God's blessing to you all.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Guess who?

Yes, that is me. I have had my glasses for a couple of weeks now and they are doing a great job. The people in church don't look like they left home without combing their hair. They are no longer fuzzy, but clear.

I am very busy at the moment getting everything ready for while I am away and doing the last few things for the wedding. We have waited so long and now it is so close. Only 15 days, 11 hours and 40 minutes until we are married.

Our new shower and bathroom.

The family room and kitchen during the sanding back.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hello from the future Mrs

Howdy all! I'm guest blogging for Adrian today.

I've made it back to Ontario from BC. The trip was long and eventful and long. Lots of coffee and salads, fun with friends & family and pictures of dirty windscreens. Oh, did I mention it was long? I drove the 5000 km home in 2 weeks. I took my time for the most part, seeing old roommates and homes. I spent a week of my trip with my brother and his family. I got to go to a good friend (and colleague)'s wedding. And though the trip was tiring (who ever sleeps well on the road?), it was wonderful. My sister Tracey kept me company and sane during the last two days where we covered over 2000 km of the trip. There are a million memories and highlights from a trip like that, especially being out of the car!

Since being back, I've raced around peculiarly humid southern Ontario doing this, that and the other thing - all in the name of wedding planning. We're counting down the days til we get to be together, not to say goodbye again.

Hope you're all doing - sorry - going well.