Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Only in Canada

Canadians love to play golf and will not let the weather conditions dictate when they can play.

In Canada the weather has reached its coldest when the icicles start growing up from the ground. Here is a little one just starting.

This is a picture of a mature one that has grown up to the spouting just outside my front door.

You know it is almost spring in Canada, not when the beers come out, because they drink beer all year round, but when you need a cooler (esky) to keep the beers from rising above 0.

We didn't catch any fish, but my tan looks great.

Another sign that spring is on the way is when that headers start harvesting the snow before it melts.



++Anna++ said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! You live in CRAZY land!!! icicles that grow from the ground They defy the laws of gravity!!!

P.S. i agree with you on my portrait!!!

Meryl said...

Long time, no more news, Adrian? Did the icicles get you?! Anyway, have a blessed Eastertide. Our American students tell us there are no public holidays for Easter in the US. How about Canada?
e've just had one of Monika's special refectory lunches - roast lamb and pork and veges or battered barramundi! Next week we have a couple of farewell occasions for Mal Wegener. We've also been alerted to a restructuring of staff and admin roles and titles. You won't recognise us when you get back. You are coming back, yes?! Alone?!!!

lozza said...

great photos!
haven't come past in a while and it looks great! not long now til you will be back here with us!

hope you enjoy the final few weeks!