Sunday, 19 October 2008

Now I can tell you

Last Monday us final years had our interviews with the College Presidents so they can get to know us better in order to place us in our first parish. 

32 hours later I opened an envelope in the National president's office to discover that next year I will be the pastor in the Esperance/Kalgoorlie parish in Western Australia. 

WOW, I am excited!!!!

While five of us were placed on Tuesday, two families are still waiting and may only find out in 2 weeks. I hope the waiting is not too long.



rachel esther said...

Congratulations - again!
And thanks - we hope the waiting wont be too long either!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! The bulletin board(c/w map)at church last Sunday informed everyone of where you'll be; a little piece away from the realms of your current zipcode eh? But what another exciting NEW opportunity for you to preach the Word and build new friendships. Look how well your last one turned out in the great north! You'll be right at home in no time I'm sure, and your congregation(s) will open their hearts to you just as ours did. Karen,Dave Evan & Renee Kuhl

rachel esther said...

Hope you had a nice Bakery Walk last night. It's sad to think of how few left we can have of those. I wonder what tasty treats will be within walking distance of our new houses?