Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We are engaged

I recently asked Rebecca to marry me and she said yes. 

It is amazing what a diamond ring and a waterfall can do.


~Joel & Laureen Kuhl said...

Congratulations!!! The both of you are in our prayers as you prepare for the big day.

Effie said...

Wonderful picture! Congratulations yet again (and here I was coming here to ask when you were going to post the big news!)

Lotsa love, your sister-in-law-to-be...

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk/hhhhhhggggffffffddddddddssssssssssssaaaaaa (means hi uncle adrian from katt)

trace k said...

Hmm, I dunno, I think it has to be the right guy for the right girl or even a diamond and a waterfall won't work! Congratulations!

Alex said...

The diamond ring and the waterfall were only incidental. My sister's quite taken with you. (And you, with her!) And a good thing, too!

My only regret is that it's not so easy to go visit in Australia... but now we'll have a good excuse to save up for it!

Naomi said...

Congrats again!

I guess it was worth the wake up call! I'm very excited for the two of you, and took it upon myself to share that photo (thanks FB) with mom and dad and the sibs.

I was happy to chat with you both- I find it amazing to hear that so-in-love quality in someone's voice.

I heard Katt asking you to do her a favour already- you're in for a lot of fun/interesting requests!

Blessings to you and Bec as you plan/prepare and get things ready.

Hugs and Love to you!

Bec said...

I'd have said yes even if you proposed to me under a gorgeous sunset on the farm. I love you.

Janelle Spring said...

A BIG huge congratulations to you both! May God bless you both during your time apart and only make your love grow stronger over the distance.

Fantastic news - so very happy for you both!

Ruth and Bob said...

Rebecca and Adrian!!!!
Welcome, to our family Adrian.
We pray God's continued blessings to you both.
You are in our prayers. May your love blossom and only grow more wonderful in God's gracious keeping.
Mom and Dad

Aunt Nancy said...

Welcome to a large and very connected family. My prayers are with you both as I know you will have some difficult times with the time apart. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Doc, and Bec,
God bless the pair of ya!

Rachel said...

so now write more!

hope your first week was great!