Friday, 29 May 2009

An en suite

The digging seems to have stopped and things are going up. The en suite has a shape. I thought about trying out the shower with a bucket in a string, but for the sake of modesty and my neighbors eyesight (possible blinding) I gave it a miss.


Bec said...

It looks great! They're doing an amazing job. I can hardly wait to move there!

Maybe put up a shower curtain before you shower outside. Or better yet... wait til there are walls.

Naomi said...

Would it still be outside if he waited for walls?

Looking good though! Aren't renovations fun? Sometimes, like when you only have one bathroom to use, renovations that take a long time are not so pleasant!

Hope that they renos continue to go well!

tracey k said...

Waiting can be difficult, but I do hope you can tamp down the excitement of an ensuite until walls and plumbing appear! Wow! They're doing quite the renovations!

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is thank goodness you thought about your neighbours before going there skyclad. The last thing they needed was to happen upon a blindingly bright moon!