Friday, 9 October 2009

The build up

What joy it is to be here in Ontario with my darling Rebecca. Long plane flights are not my preferred way of spending time, but they are worth every minute to see my Bec.

The last few things that need to be done before the wedding have come together nicely and the weather today is sunny. The forecast for snow on Saturday has been changed to Sunday. What a tragedy it would be if we were snowed in on our honeymoon! As long as we make our flight on Wednesday.

God's blessings



Vaughn and Nell said...

God bless the both of you. See you soon!

Naomi said...

I highly doubt that the snow, if it comes, would be enough to snow you in. I'm really hoping that it isn't as plentiful as that, as I have a rather long drive ahead of me!

Rachel Esther said...

I keep checking the time and doing "Adrian will be... (fill in blank)... right now!!!" Getting very excited over here!! So much love. xxoo

Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

You must be married now - congratulations! We'd love to see some photos, but we can wait.... x

Nancy Mattys said...

Snow is lovely on honeymoons... I'd vouch for that... Of course we had a December, not October, wedding! By the by, did you know that "bec" is the French pet word for kiss?????? Seems there's a bit of that going on.