Monday, 30 March 2009

The big smoke

Today I got back from spending a week in the city. I travelled the 8 hours to Perth last Monday and spent Tuesday finding a place to have my camera serviced, checking out the city centre for a while and looking through furniture shops for a tv chair. I came back chairless. It seems that my taste in chairs cannot be satisfied, except for lots of money. This is what I would love, but i cannot find. 

Wednesday to Friday I spent at my first pastor's conference. My brother's over here are a great bunch of pastor's and I'm looking forward to the next time we get together. Friday night to Sunday we had the WA district Convention at Duncraig. I don't usually find meetings the most interesting place to spend time, but I enjoyed getting to know more people over here and they loved meeting the new pastor. Last night I spent in Katanning at the Pukallus' (the new pastor and his family) and got back at 2pm this afternoon. 

I'm tired, excited and happy to be home after a week away. How about that, Esperance is home.