Monday, 30 March 2009

The big smoke

Today I got back from spending a week in the city. I travelled the 8 hours to Perth last Monday and spent Tuesday finding a place to have my camera serviced, checking out the city centre for a while and looking through furniture shops for a tv chair. I came back chairless. It seems that my taste in chairs cannot be satisfied, except for lots of money. This is what I would love, but i cannot find. 

Wednesday to Friday I spent at my first pastor's conference. My brother's over here are a great bunch of pastor's and I'm looking forward to the next time we get together. Friday night to Sunday we had the WA district Convention at Duncraig. I don't usually find meetings the most interesting place to spend time, but I enjoyed getting to know more people over here and they loved meeting the new pastor. Last night I spent in Katanning at the Pukallus' (the new pastor and his family) and got back at 2pm this afternoon. 

I'm tired, excited and happy to be home after a week away. How about that, Esperance is home.


Bec said...

Yay for home!

Probably you'll find the perfect chair for the perfect price. In Vancouver.

Janelle Spring said...

Seriously, try the baby stores... that's where all the glider chairs and ottomans hang out! There's a very similar one to the one in your picture that is sold at Toys R Us.

Good luck! I know your pain... the glider chair I want isn't currently stocked in Toys R Us and they are they only ones who make it, well, the exact one I want! Let me know how you go, one perfect chair hunter to the next!

Rachel Esther said...

Nell! I was going to say the same thing when I read this!!

Nice chair Adi. ANd fun times seeing WA too!


Naomi said...

What fun to get to travel to the city, shop, spend time there, meet great new people and return to the comfort of your home. Sorry to see that your chair search continues.

Effie said...

a chair, hmmm...we have one that is similar but I think sending it over the ocean might prove to be more expensive than getting a new one...

looks comfy...Have fun with your first Palm Sunday service!