Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Our visitors

Rebecca's Mum and Dad have been with us for a week and we are enjoying their company as much as they are enjoying the scenery of Esperance.

On Saturday we go up to Kalgoorlie for the 25th celebration of the opening of the church building, before going on to Perth and they fly back home.

My Dad got home in time for Easter and he is doing well. Praise be to God.


Aunt Nancy said...

So glad your Dad is home to celebrate Easter. I look forward to seeing the wonderful pictures I'm sure my sister has of your area. God bless you both!!!

Rachel Esther said...

so good to hear your dad is going well. God is good!


Mom and Dad said...

Our visit is now over as we are back on Canadian soil. May I again say thank you for the wonderful hospitality shown us at your warm and lovely home and in your two church families. Australia is a truly beautiful country, Esperance a pearl of great beauty, the people are warm and friendly, and the love and joy felt visiting you Adrian and Rebecca is a treasure ever to keep.