Monday, 25 October 2010

Our unwanted visitors

What is a hairy grey-brown noctuid?

Here's a clue. His mates are brown diamondback, nate and bogong.

If you said moth you are correct. Currently there are millions of them here. And that is just in our street! Today we flushed 40 of them out from the gap around our hatchback to stop them from flying into the car when we put in the groceries. Thankfully they are disappearing.

On other matters. The vege-garden is looking well. The broccoli has finished, the carrots are 10-12cm long, tomatoes are flowering and growing well, as are the onions, capsicums, leeks and parsley. Oh, and the poppies are beautiful.


Mom said...

Your garden has profited from it's fertilizing by the sounds of things. Sounds like you are enjoying the produce.
You must post a picture of your moths. I can appreciate that they are a pest. "This too shall pass." as my Mom would say.

Effie said...

what is a capiscum?

will you be making any vichyssoisse (spelling completely wrong on that one, sorry) with your leeks? Mmmmmm, sounds good to me

oh, and by the way, your clue did NOT help me in the least! I am NOT fond of moths, so I feel for you and hope that their caterpillars will not be the next scourge on your property....

lotsa love!

Aunt Nancy said...

I don't like moths. I just showed "The Hockey Sweater" to my French class (Le chandail de hockey.. really), and the prayer the boy prays at the end is that a billion moths come and consume his Toronto Maple Leaf sweater. Moths can be useful, I guess. Though not in a hatchback, to be sure!

Effie said...

I just realized that this was written in the beginning of summer/mid spring for you--you had fresh veggies all WINTER--just catching up here...sorry, I'm slow!