Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oh Canada

Last Saturday we arrived home from our wonderful three and a half week vacation in you guessed it: Canada.
It was great spending time with family and friends we don't get to see very often. But we also had days where we did very little but hang out at home, eat food (including many Christmas goodies), fill in cross words and play games.

A few pictures from the trip.

I had to do it. Don't worry, it was only -6.

Rebecca aquatinting herself with the winter time animals.

Are they penguin footprints?

Could it be any prettier.


3cK said...

I like the photos and it was good to see you!

Rachel Esther said...

no probably not. get any prettier that is. And how cute is Bec's little baby belly!

mom said...

Liked the bird prints, penguin? I'm not sure, definitely not Sasquatch though, could be swan or duck or goose..... Your pictures are great, we loved having you here and miss you. Sorry you missed the -25.5 degree C day last Sunday.

Naomi said...

It was fun to spend time with you in the great white north!
Thanks for sharing the photos....that last house, where is it? (roughly)