Friday, 28 January 2011

What is the temperature at your place?

As you have seen from the photos so far there was big temperature difference from Ontario to Western Australia. The photos below are the evidence.

Clarksburg, Ontario, January 16, 2011

Lake Grace, Western Australia, January 22, 2011

An hour after this photo we drove through a thunderstorm and the temperature went from 42 to 29 in 7 minutes, then slowly climbed up to 40 again before we got home.

It was such a warm welcome back. People ask, "is it hard to adjust." No it's not, 42 is horrible no matter where you were the day before.


Lauren said...

...yeah it tipped that today in Adelaide! :( I can't decide which I favour least...42 degree in Adelaide or -10 in Prague!

Adrian Kramer said...

C'mon Lauren, -10 is one of my favourite temps. No wind of course. It's perfect for skiing or drinking coffee, or both in the same day.

Ruth said...

I could use your help shoveling snow today Adrian. We sure got dumped on in this storm. Looking forward to your sunshine!

Effie said...

that's too funny that you actually snapped a photo with + and - 19 at Mom & Dad's. ARe you glad to be back home? Has your internal clock reset to home time now?

Hugs to all 3!

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