Sunday, 16 December 2007

Hit the slopes

Yesterday i put my season pass to Blue Mountain Resort to the test. I went with two mates skiing for the first time since the season started and my first ski in about 8 years. I didn't fall over, but today my legs are a little tired from using muscles that have not seen action for a some time. It was fun; the chilling wind on my face, the beautiful view over southern Georgian Bay from the top of the mountain and the gut wrenching terror of flying down the mountain side, legs ready to cramp up, struggling to turn and wondering what is softer, the trees or the snow? Thankfully i did survive and i look forward to mastering the slopes of Blue Mountain.

Next challenge, skating.

Adrian XO

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rachel esther said...

Yeah ha! Go Adi! I want some pictures of you on the slopes! sounds like so much fun.
see who is on my blog?!