Thursday, 21 February 2008

Ok eh!

I now feel more Canadian than ever before and it is all thanks to Bob and Doug McKenzie's movie Strange Brew. For the Aussies, I would call it the Canadian equivalent of The Castle. Strange Brew includes wonderful Canadianisms as 'hoser' (a loser), 'take-off' (go away), 'beer' (beer) and 'eh' (ay in Qld).

Bob and Doug

You know you are in Canada when:
  • your breath turns to ice on the windscreen when you get into the car in the morning
  • you following your friends home from an evening service and the snow is falling so heavy their tail lights disappear, and they are only 50m in front of you


Anonymous said...

Adrian, I finally took some time out to read through the last couple of months of your adventure. It looks amazing, though a little on the cold side. A belated Marry Christmas and Happy New Year! Bec and the kids also send their love... Justin

++Anna++ said...

Hey Adi, curling, ice cubes, sub-zero temperatures?!? Sounds treacherous! Thanks for your message on my blog. The show was wonderful and so many people asked about my work and actually liked it! So that was encouraging. Hope you are well. keep up the curling! ANNA