Thursday, 31 January 2008

My first blizzard

Yesterday (Wednesday) i awoke to a howling wind and radio reports that most roads in area were shut. The wind was gusting to 100 kph, blowing the snow and reducing visibility to zero at times. The temperature was -9, but the wind chill made it -25. All the schools were shut as were many businesses. A dangerous day to be on the roads. So i stayed home for the day, did some reading and caught up on some sleep.

If you have never experienced -25, and most of my friends back home have not, you may wonder what it feels like. The first thing is that the cold air kind of tickles your throat and lungs making you cough and you breath slower to make it stop, and any uncovered skin feels like there is an ice cube on it.

Invigorating indeed!!

The down wind side of my car


rachel esther said...

you wanted something new...!! Joel completely loves his T-Shirt!

I'm glad you stayed inside in that weather - my goodness! you would've been swept away!

thinking of you.

mil&mogsmum said...

hi adrian, i can't believe you spent a valuable few minutes of your life reading my extreemly limited babble - what an honor. i was just deleting an insane number of e-mails from the inbox when i came across my blog address and was reminded that a lack of me-time has left much unfinished business fluffing around me - of which the blog is some. anyway, lovely to hear from you - rach told me you were overseas last i asked - sounds amazing, don't much fancy the cold though! hope you are well. kirsty.

Duxy said...

Man, that does sound cold.

We have had the funniest weather. One day it feels like a regular february day. Hot and dry. like 3% humidity dry. then the next day like today, i is cold and raining. I'm not sure if february is always like this i can't really remember it.

just bizarre. anyway, the cold sounds kin of cool to me if you will pardon the pun. I'm sure you must be getting tired of it by now though.

God bless buddy, we are getting to the end now. soak it up!