Thursday, 12 June 2008

My weekend

Last weekend on the farm was great fun. We got our hands dirty on the Saturday working with the cattle, including the calves as you can see.

The foggy mornings, eating Mums fine fare, driving around the farm in the ute with Dad, talking with my siblings about work, life, food and hunting was all good for my soul. And i got to bring some of it back with me. One of Mum and Dad's apple trees went silly this year and produced 160kg of apples. So they sent two big boxes with me back to Adelaide to use and give away to my Sem mates.

By the way, i got two votes for my photo in the facebook competition. I didn't take it to win a prize, but to preserve a memory.



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Anonymous said...

Glad things are going well. It will not be long and you will be back in Ontario. All the best and we will talk to you soon.

Kevin, Connie, Hillary, Hannah and Dana Weppler