Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Grey/Bruce adventures

We have just spent the most wonderful 5 days with the people of Faith Desboro. Catching up with my close friends has been an amazing experience. As we left today driving, along side of the 7 ft high corn crops, we all had damp eyes. Again I would like to thank everyone who opened their hearts to me and my family. Returning to Canada has confirmed that vicarage was more than just a practical part of my study, it was one of the highlights of my life.

On a similar note, at the Horse Shoe competition last year I was paired up with the champion from the last 5 years, Bill Kuhl. And the day ended as expected, the champion carried the novice to the winners podium. This year Bill could not compete in the Klages trophy and I was paired with Julie Hachey and with her help I successfully held my title of Klages Horseshoe champion. Now the people of Desboro have told me that I will have to return next year to defend my title. Maybe if they pay half the airfare and let me preach that day....

Oh and if I get a feed of pig tails at a potluck that might sweeten the deal.

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rachel esther said...

Hey, Sounds like a really special time you're having there. I be bet it's a wonderful thing to show your family where you spent such an important time in your life. Enjoy it all! See you when you come home. Bless, Rach