Monday, 15 September 2008

A big week

What a week it has been. 

Last Thursday my flat mate for the last 4.5 year left to do his vicarage in Springwood NSW. It has been strange not having Paul around. No random discussions on eco-theology (his honors topic), and no important questions like "what wine will go with that?"

On the bright side Julie Anne, my new flat mate, was here one night and she gets engaged! It's all happening here at the moment. People moving out, people moving in, people getting engaged...  I wonder what exciting event waits around the corner for me? 

God bless you Julie and Matthias as you embark on the wonderful journey of wedding planning then marriage.

Adrian xo


Debra said...

Adrian, I just want to let you know I think of you far more often than I let you know. Love from your little Sis.

P.S. My Prac is going very well. My supervising teacher; I've never met such a young 55 yr old!!

rachel esther said...

Hope you're having fun in Eden!

You should write here more - that would be nice.