Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A new toy

You may have noticed the lack of photos on my blog lately. Well it is not because I haven't been taking photos, but that they are too big to put on my blog. So, because I am getting more into photography and my old computer is full (in Canada recently it refused to down load some photos because there was not enough room) I decided to but a new computer. You can see a what it looks like here. It will take me a while to get up to speed with my new machine, so you might have to wait a while yet.

I'm looking forward to showing you more of what I see though the lens of my camera. 



rachel esther said...

yay yay yay! is mac is good.

Tim Stringer said...

Ahh the iMac, we have one at our house now too, after a brief transition, tis a wonderful thing, nothing better for viewing those magnificent photos on!