Tuesday, 14 April 2009


The renovations have begun

This view from the side of the manse shows that the carport and patio have been taken down. The wall with the glass door in it is going to be taken out and a new wall put up on the edge of the raised concrete pad. This will be the dining/family room. The brick garage will go where the car is and the new patio run from the back of the garage 11m into the yard. I have been busily moving plants I want to keep: daffodils, agapanthus, cannas, a small grape fruit tree and roses have been relocated, and so far they are all looking well. 

I have been doing some renovations of my own in the backyard to make room for a raised vege garden. No, I'm not becoming Peter Cundall but I do what a good vege garden.

Cheers, Adrian


Rachel Esther said...

I'm pretty sure no-one know who Paul Cundall?? is!! I have no idea.

They're some major reno's - how exciting. It's goot to get a bit a of a picture of where you live.

Janelle Spring said...

Is Paul Cundall the guy with the gardening show and a really bad speech impediment? I always manage to see him once on TV every time we go and visit Vaughn's parents. I wouldn't have a clue what the guy's name is, but I'm guessing it might be Paul!

Naomi said...

I noticed some of those changes, just from the picture. Bec has been sharing photos with us!

So you have a green thumb? That's good to know. Patch from scratch? (Thanks google!)

Who's in charge of doing all the renos? Don't lose yourself in all the extra space!

Effie said...

I have to look up agapanthus now--but it's cool that you have a grapefruit tree!

Adrian Kramer said...

Peter Cundall is the old bloke from Gardening Australia on the ABC. His speciality is the vege garden and he had rised beds. He retired last year i think aged 80.