Thursday, 2 July 2009

100 days to go!

In 100 days and 13 hours I will meet my darling Rebecca at Faith Desboro and we will be joined together as husband and wife. When we were engaged in January, October 10 seemed so far away and now it is only a couple of months off. 

We still need to get some things done but the big items are taken care of.

PS: Happy Canada Day!


Bec said...

Happy Canada day to you!

I'm so excited for 100 days from now. And 95 days... I love you!

Anonymous said...

You guys really have a true love story! You're excitment is sure to be contagious to those around you. We're sure excited to be invited!

Hope you got my email from June 20.. the offer still stands.

See you in October, it will truly be a THANKSGIVING weekend won't it?

Karen Kuhl

Naomi said...

Hooray for 99 or 98 days! (Depends where you are, doesn't it?)

I had fun on Canada Day, thanks for the wishes. (The bugs had fun eating me too though).

I'm looking forward to the wedding and seeing you again too- but I guess not as much as my little sister!


Rachel Esther said...

And then hooray for only 6 days after that!!!!!

Effie said...

so, um, about 87 days now? Woohoo!

++Anna++ said...

Hope your house will be all ready for your bride when she arrives in Ausralia! The renos look great. Hope you are going well in WA Adrian :)