Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The things you read about

In breaking news...

I think the police should be checking all Canadian citizens to see if they have bought a rock off the back of a truck lately. Or maybe someone was looking for cheap paper weights in the economic downturn!

Sweep hard my friends, EH!


Effie said...

Oh that's too funny! Who would steal curling stones??!! Must be a big bonspiel going on somewhere!

Hurry Hard!

Naomi said...

Crazy wanna-bes!

I didn't know that a stone was worth that much! I'm surprised!

Alex said...

$500 each is about right; most curling stones are quarried from one of only two or three granite quarries (all in Scotland, if I remember correctly) and the rock has to have the right consistency and hardness and then get shaped and polished into its final size.

Luke Spilsbury said...

Hahaha...they probably though the 'rock' was drugs... A whole trailer load of 'rock'...they must have been very disappointed!

Effie said...

Not that this relates *directly* to you, but the Australian gov't (I believe) is shipping some isotopes to Canada--to help with our shortage...this will certainly help those undergoing cancer treatments, so thank you to whomever that would be (seeing as you are one of the only Australian's I know, [until October that is, then I'll know one more] I thought I'd say thank you through you!)

I hope all is well with you and your parishes and with all the extra wedding/married life planning!!