Saturday, 5 April 2008

On the road

Since visiting Quebec City we have been to Beresford and Moncton and New Brunswick, the snow banks in town are 2-3 metres high. All records have been broken this year with 492cm of snow.

Gerry and Yvonne's place where we stayed in Beresford

We crossed the 12.9km bridge into Prince Edward Island - the potatoe capital of Canada - and went to Charlottetown.

The Confederation Bridge to PEI

Then down to Halifax Nova Scotia and now back in Moncton. After going to church tomorrow we will probably go back to Quebec City, our favourite place so far and wander around the streets soaking up the sights, the French Canadian atmosphere, and the coffee.

Au revoir,


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Anonymous said...

Cheese curd... hmmm sounds delightful? I truly do like the sound of Quebec City. I start my first teaching prac next Monday, at Flora Hill, Sharni's school. Met the teacher today. Think I'll do just fine, despite the nerves. Ralph starts his prac Mon too, at the Tafe. Love from Deb, Ralph and Mitchell.