Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thoughts on leaving

Last Sunday i was back here at Faith after spending the previous Sunday with the people at the Moncton Lutheran Church in New Brunswick. Although i was only gone for 10 days it felt like a month. I had the feeling that i had returned home after a long absence. Desboro has been my home for the last 8 months and the people of Faith my family.

Leaving Australia was hard, but going home may prove more difficult than i thought.



Meryl said...

Yes, that's true, Adrian. But we've missed you back here, so make sure you return safely! Believe me, life is full of leaving and returning and moving on.

NeishNathan said...

hi Adrian

So sorry I haven't kept in touch like a good friend should. I don't doubt you have made good friends over there at all. You have a natural and sincere charm about you. I sure bet it will be hard to leave. But, do come back! We can't wait to see you around the traps again and hear all your adventures. You could write a book? "There and back again" by Adrian Kramer =)

Bless you mate

Carl said...

Yes Adrian, it is hard to leave. I experienced this when I left Edmonton. If anything, enjoy the moments for what they are. Savour your last each moment as they will help you reflect and remember your time in Canada.

We look forward to having you back in Cantherine Court mate.

The Lord be with you as you finish your vicarage and travel back to your Adelaide home,