Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Yesterday we went to the Ice Hotel near Quebec City and waled around Quebec City. The ice Hotel is only open for a limited season of course, but a very beautiful place. The hotel includes 36 rooms, 3 include a fire place that emits 0 heat, a bar, a chapel, an ice slide and beautiful sculptures.

The second bar at the Ice Hotel

Quebec City is 400 years old this year and the only walled city in North America. It was wonderful to wander around the old part of the city and take in the architecture, shopping and views.

The Frontenac Hotel

A Quebec specialty is Poutine; chips, gravy and cheese curds. My new mate Morris loved it. I am told the Poutine we had was not the best, but it was ok.

Today we head for New Brunswick along the Saint Lawrence Strait.

Cheers, Adrian

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rachel esther said...

mmmm - looks a bit like an AB. i think i'd like it!