Friday, 16 November 2007

Over night

As forecast the snow came down last night. Looking out of the window this morning i was greeted with whiteness, and it is so nice. The overnight temperature was -2 and the high for today is 2. The 31 forecast in Adelaide may be nice, but it is not as pretty as snow.

This is my house from the mailbox.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are today.

XO Adrian

1 comment:

lozza said...

wow! that looks fantastic!
i haven't read your blog in a bit! but it's good to catch up with it all! things are well here, it's getting nice and hot so we're locked up in the dark apartment today maybe the aircon will come on soon!
miss you lots adi and i hope that david mcnicol highway is treating you well! seen any road kill along it lately? :)