Thursday, 22 November 2007

Snow storm

Today is the first snow storm of the season, albeit a mild one. A snow storm is a mixture of snow (of course) , rain, ice pellets, strong winds and sub zero temperatures.

So to the joy of 20,000 school children, school was canceled today in the Muskoka area.

I drove on a snow covered road for the first time, and because i am writing this blog you can see that i made it safely. Driving in the church carpark was like driving on pillows; no noise at all. I suppose that is what driving in heaven will be like, clouds look the same as fluffy snow.

Here are some things i found interesting.

For that quick snack to keep your going.

Is this where Bobcat Goldthwaite takes a bath?

This is one way of reserving your parking spot at the mall.

It is no wonder i haven't liked any of the Canadian whites i have tried.

Have yourselves a wonderful 24 degree day in Adelaide and i will do the best i can to enjoy my -2 snow storm.


Adrian XO

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