Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Week off pt II

I have been staying in Timmins with friends and the forecast yesterday was for snow. This morning i awoke with to a sight that was heavenly, 7 cm of snow.

The view from the dining room window.

My car in the carpark of the 'Shania Twain Centre' where i bought some postcards.

The view from my car window.

Farmers are the same around the world. They have to have their window down and their arm sticking out. Today i saw a farmer doing just that, except it was 2 degrees and snowing!!

My week away has been great. The north of Ontario is so different from where i am staying. It is rocks, trees, lakes and wildlife. There are very few farms, very little suitable area to have a farm. The highlight as always is the people. I have met many wonderful people who are interested in what i am doing, even those outside the church. And still i have people telling me they love the Australian accent.

Talking of wildlife, at dinner Monday night my hosts told me that their BBQ was destroyed when a black bear who tore it apart looking the meat he could smell. That is what i call living close to nature. The closest we get to a destructive encounter in Australia is a possum living in the ceiling. Maybe it is just as well that we don't bears at home.


XO adrian