Friday, 16 November 2007

Pastors and deacons conference

I have been on the road again. Pastor and i spent three days in St Catharine's at the Pastors and Deacons Conference. I was surprised and delighted at the different nationalities of the pastors. On the first night i was asked to join a group partaking in refreshments. In the room were Lutheran pastors who were born in Brazil (x3), Nigeria, USA, Germany, Madagascar, England and one from Australia. What a great bunch of blokes.

A highlight of the conference was the worship. The conference was held at Mt Carmel Retreat, a Catholic retreat centre. The chapel was beautiful and the acoustics amazing. The first night i didn't sing much of the first hymn, i just listened to 60 male voices (the few ladies present could not be heard) fill the chapel with sweet praise rising to God. WOW!

From the conference centre we could see part of the Niagara river, so a walk to the falls was a must. My photos are not the best, but i hope you can imagine the awe that can be felt when one is stand alongside of such great power.

The Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls

The American Falls

The first snow for the year has come and gone. There is more forecast for tonight. For those Canadians who read my blog, the forecast for the weekend in Adelaide, where i come from, is 35 with a possibility of 40 degrees next week.

I still don't want to go back. I want to see a white Christmas.

XO Adrian

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