Friday, 23 November 2007

What a day

Yesterday it snowed and last night it was -7, so this morning everything is covered in diamonds. The trees, the grass, the fences, everything is sparking. It was a beautiful drive to church this morning to check my emails.

Yesterday i got a few snaps of the snow.

Snow needs to be kept short too!

Picnic anyone?

Today I'm going to town to laze around, because it is my birthday. Enjoy your day.

God bless

Adrian xo


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a lovely day for your birthday Adrian. The landscapes around you must be amazing. I was thinking of you on the 23rd here, and there, so I guess you could say it was your birthday for 48hrs? Hoping to speak to you when I finish work next week.

Love from Debra & Ralph.

Meryl said...

I hope some of my responses are getting through to you one way or another, Adrian.
And happy birthday from me, too!
I guess you heard we had a big thanksgiving dinner here last week, courtesy of Harry and Marilyn!
I don't think it's a Canadian custom, though.

Chels said...

Hey buddy, just caught up on some of your blog entries. sounds like you are having an awesome time!! Yay for snow. I'll get to see it one day. So jealous of you getting to maybe see a white christmas. Oh yeah, and I though beavers were quite small too!! I guess you learn something new everyday. Have a good one. Chels xx