Thursday, 29 November 2007

Snow storm

Yesterday we had a snow storm. It was snowing, horizontally!! The wind was also blowing the snow on the ground so the visibility was down to 80 metres here and worse in other places resulting in a 16 car pile, up as well as many people slipping of the road. It was not so different to a dust storm; except the temperature was not 35, there is no tumble weed, the air was white not red and there was no mess to clean up, the snow melts or you just shovel it away from the door.

To you who live in .ca keep warm, for those in .au stay cool.

Adrian XO

Friday, 23 November 2007

What a day

Yesterday it snowed and last night it was -7, so this morning everything is covered in diamonds. The trees, the grass, the fences, everything is sparking. It was a beautiful drive to church this morning to check my emails.

Yesterday i got a few snaps of the snow.

Snow needs to be kept short too!

Picnic anyone?

Today I'm going to town to laze around, because it is my birthday. Enjoy your day.

God bless

Adrian xo

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Snow storm

Today is the first snow storm of the season, albeit a mild one. A snow storm is a mixture of snow (of course) , rain, ice pellets, strong winds and sub zero temperatures.

So to the joy of 20,000 school children, school was canceled today in the Muskoka area.

I drove on a snow covered road for the first time, and because i am writing this blog you can see that i made it safely. Driving in the church carpark was like driving on pillows; no noise at all. I suppose that is what driving in heaven will be like, clouds look the same as fluffy snow.

Here are some things i found interesting.

For that quick snack to keep your going.

Is this where Bobcat Goldthwaite takes a bath?

This is one way of reserving your parking spot at the mall.

It is no wonder i haven't liked any of the Canadian whites i have tried.

Have yourselves a wonderful 24 degree day in Adelaide and i will do the best i can to enjoy my -2 snow storm.


Adrian XO

Friday, 16 November 2007

Over night

As forecast the snow came down last night. Looking out of the window this morning i was greeted with whiteness, and it is so nice. The overnight temperature was -2 and the high for today is 2. The 31 forecast in Adelaide may be nice, but it is not as pretty as snow.

This is my house from the mailbox.

Enjoy the weather wherever you are today.

XO Adrian

Pastors and deacons conference

I have been on the road again. Pastor and i spent three days in St Catharine's at the Pastors and Deacons Conference. I was surprised and delighted at the different nationalities of the pastors. On the first night i was asked to join a group partaking in refreshments. In the room were Lutheran pastors who were born in Brazil (x3), Nigeria, USA, Germany, Madagascar, England and one from Australia. What a great bunch of blokes.

A highlight of the conference was the worship. The conference was held at Mt Carmel Retreat, a Catholic retreat centre. The chapel was beautiful and the acoustics amazing. The first night i didn't sing much of the first hymn, i just listened to 60 male voices (the few ladies present could not be heard) fill the chapel with sweet praise rising to God. WOW!

From the conference centre we could see part of the Niagara river, so a walk to the falls was a must. My photos are not the best, but i hope you can imagine the awe that can be felt when one is stand alongside of such great power.

The Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls

The American Falls

The first snow for the year has come and gone. There is more forecast for tonight. For those Canadians who read my blog, the forecast for the weekend in Adelaide, where i come from, is 35 with a possibility of 40 degrees next week.

I still don't want to go back. I want to see a white Christmas.

XO Adrian

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Week off pt II

I have been staying in Timmins with friends and the forecast yesterday was for snow. This morning i awoke with to a sight that was heavenly, 7 cm of snow.

The view from the dining room window.

My car in the carpark of the 'Shania Twain Centre' where i bought some postcards.

The view from my car window.

Farmers are the same around the world. They have to have their window down and their arm sticking out. Today i saw a farmer doing just that, except it was 2 degrees and snowing!!

My week away has been great. The north of Ontario is so different from where i am staying. It is rocks, trees, lakes and wildlife. There are very few farms, very little suitable area to have a farm. The highlight as always is the people. I have met many wonderful people who are interested in what i am doing, even those outside the church. And still i have people telling me they love the Australian accent.

Talking of wildlife, at dinner Monday night my hosts told me that their BBQ was destroyed when a black bear who tore it apart looking the meat he could smell. That is what i call living close to nature. The closest we get to a destructive encounter in Australia is a possum living in the ceiling. Maybe it is just as well that we don't bears at home.


XO adrian

Saturday, 3 November 2007

My week off pt. I

I am on my first break from vicaring and i have spent the last few days in Sudbury, 410 km north of where i live. Among the new stuff i have seen are a beaver, whoa. From watching documentaries on tv i thought a beaver was a bit bigger than a cat. Not. They are closer to a the size of a dog that has spent time in the gym and been on a steady course of steroids. For those Aussies who have seen a common wombat, that is about the size of a beaver. The one i saw was in captivity because he was found suffering from frostbite. Driving into Sudbury i could see beaver dams in the creeks on the side of the road, that is real cool. (Creek is pronounced crik by some Canadian's).

My other new animal, although he was stuffed, is a Moose. That is one big deer with a nose that is best described as a honker.

My third discovery is the Old Rock Roastery coffee shop. Canadian's love their coffee, but it is all percolated. It tastes real weak. Then if you ask for a cappuccino in a coffee shop it is a premix that really is cappuccino in name only. The Old Rock makes real cappuccino with an espresso machine. I had three yesterday. This will be my place when i am in Sudbury. I'm here now using their free wireless internet and enjoying a cappuccino, or two.

Happy working or holidaying, which ever you are doing at the moment.

All the best for those who are finishing assignments, or preparing for exams.

XO adrian

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Last night i heard that Bethlehem in Hebrew means house of bread; beth is house and lehem (lechem) is bread. Jesus, the bread of life who feeds us his body and blood in Holy Communion , was born in the house of bread. How cool.

Jesus said "I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread they will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which is given for the life of the world" (John 6:51).

God Bless

XO Adrian