Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More snow

Over the last four days we have had 25-35 cm of snow. Winter is looking at her best again.

You know you are in Canada when:
  • you spend the first 15 minutes after arriving at church clearing the snow off the footpath and entry way
  • you leave you water bottle in the car during the day and it freezes
  • the roads are better to drive on in winter because the potholes have frozen over
  • your friends have stories about hitting deer with their car and not kangaroos
  • many people don't know what a fortnight is
  • after church you have to remove 10 cm of snow from your car

  • your neighbour's dog looks more wolf than poodle
This is Shamus and despite his wolf like appearance he is real friendly.

Keep warm and keep shoveling



Anonymous said...

Hi Adi. Have you heard Ralph, Mitchell & I went to Red Hill the other week. R was very impressed, so was Ian (with R I mean). M loved the tank. I loved the fresh figs. Living in such a snow filled environment sounds exhilarating. Dad and I were discussing it this morning, shame there wont be any left in Aug.
Love you lots
D, R & M.

++Anna++ said...

Hey Adrian!!!
Hope you got my card in the mail and that it wasn't frozen!
Miss you lots but you'll be home very soon!
Blessings, Anna

Duxy said...

Hey hey,

man those are some awesome pickies. I can't beieve how much snow. I always just imagines a little bit of frosting romantically covered everything but i guess it's not so romantic when you have to shovel the stuff.

Glad you are getting right into the skiing and sports too. sounds lie you are having a great time and making the most of your opportunities.

looking forward to seeing you sometime soon buddy.