Sunday, 20 January 2008

This mornings drive into church was a hairy one. It was snowing when i left home, but only 1 km down the road visibility went from 500m to 100m, or less. The snow was sticking to the windscreen and i only had a hole the size of a football to look through. At those times the focus is to stay on the road and on the right side of the road. Two hours later, the sun was shining.

The view from the church door

A question for Canadians: if it is raining heavy it is said to be "raining cats and dogs", what is heavy snow called?

Adrian XO

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Anonymous said...

Visibility on the way into Broken Hill was one guide post ahead - not snow, but a magnificent dust storm! And we had had two weeks of rain and more rain on the Sunshine Coast, and a night by the roadside waiting for flood waters to go down between Hay and West Wyalong!! Back to drought in Adelaide and a non-existent vegetable garden, just brown and dry yellow. At least snow is consistent!