Tuesday, 8 January 2008

My skiing holiday

Last Wednesday I drove with a group down to Lake Placid, Upper New York State for four days holiday. At the Canadian/US boarder I was pulled aside for closer inspection. Thankfully a search of my person was not necessary and after 45 mins of being mucked around we were again on our way.

Some hours later I was asked for my ID when buying beer at a supermarket. At the age of 36 made my day, especially seeing that 21yo Laura was not asked for her ID.

After 14.5 hours of traveling, shopping and sitting at the US boarder our car arrived at the chalet; we swapped traveling stories with the others, had dinner and settled into our accommodation.

Our chalet and garage/gym.

I'm looking forward to the new three days.


PS: The Canadian version of beach volley ball.

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