Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I'm back

Well, 36 hours after leaving Marmion I arrived at my unit in North Adelaide on Tuesday morning at 10:30. I was welcomed at the airport by a placard waving crowd of four. I was tired and as promised the first thing I did was have a shower, then the unpacking and the telling of stories began.

I will have more to say later

Love, Adrian XO


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Adrian, Great to hear you made it back safe. I know that special feeling of running for the plane in a foreign country.
Will catch up soon, no pressure though we understand you have commitments.
Love from
Debra, Ralph and Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Dave,Karen,Evan&Renee are thankful you arrived home safe and sound. Isn't it funny how a simple shower can become your best friend all of the sudden? I read thru your blog today,quite enjoyed your stories of unusual things to aussies but normal for us canucks.I'm sure you miss cruising the gangster ride. Last Sunday wasn't the same without the aussie sound. Take care and enjoy your homecoming. Karen.

Janelle said...

Hi Adrian,

Glad you are back safe and sound! Looking forward to catching up at some stage! See you around!! :o)