Friday, 9 May 2008

Driving in a snow storm

Before I leave Canada I must tell my aussie friends what a driving in a snow storm is like. The following description must be performed to get a full understanding of driving in a snow storm.
  1. Go to your tv and pull out the the antenna cable
  2. Turn on the tv
  3. When snow has appeared on the screen get on your knees and push your nose against the glass and try and see the edge of the road. Can you see it? No. Good.
  4. Place your hands on the side of the tv, or even better, if you have a tv cabinet grab hold of the sides of the cabinet. This is now your steering wheel.
  5. While keeping your nose on the screen (which is now your windscreen) and hands on the wheel try and feel the vibration of the car driving on the edge of the road and heading for the ditch. If you can feel the car leaving the road, correct its path by gently steering in the opposite direction .
If you are laughing insanely and thinking to yourself "what am I doing this for?" then, and only then have you entered the mind of someone driving in a snow storm. Remember, if you stop you might be hit by another car or even worse, a snowplough.

Happy driving



andrea wise said...

i love that description! it fits so perfectely. lol good job

Janelle said...

I can certainly relate... when I was in the States in January last year, my aunt, cousin and her husband came across from the mid west to meet me in Seattle. We then decided to do a road trip to Vancouver and lucky us got to do it in a snow storm. Wowee, lots of fun! You forgot to do an example of losing all the traction from the black ice... I'm not sure how you can do an analogy of that using the TV/Cabinet... but good luck! See you when you get back... when exactly is that?

Janelle said...

PS Safe travels back!