Monday, 12 May 2008

The trip back

The first leg of my return to .au is complete. I am sitting in LAX waiting 5.5 hours until my flight to NZ leaves. Catching the plane this morning was a bit hairy. The scheduled leaving time was 12:55pm. We arrived at Toronto half an hour earlier than planned and discovered the flight was due to leave at 11:55. I rushed as much as I could and I was running for the boarding gate heard the final call for Air Canada flight 799. I boarded at 11:45.

Many people have asked me, "what is the first thing will when you get home?" I have given varying answers, but I can now give you the final answer: have a shower!!! After traveling for 32 hours I'm sure my friends will appreciate me not smelling like a gym towel.

Take care

PS: thanks for leaving early this morning Phil.

Adrian xo

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rachel esther said...

16hours until touch down!