Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Farewell Sunday

On Sunday I preached my last sermon for vicarage at Faith Desboro. The 11am service was followed by a potluck (which one of the young people said must mean 'try one of everything' in German) and a farewell program that involved much singing, reminiscing, laughing and a few tears.

It was an extraordinary day. To hear so many people say many nice things about me was overwhelming. Can everything they say be true? Truly God has used me in this place to speak his word to his people, who are also my blessed friends.

I was struggling to know what to say that made my gratitude for everything the people of Faith have done for me sound genuine. Just saying thank you didn't seem enough. A friend said, ‘speak from your heart’. So I did and I managed to say everything I wanted to say.

To wind down from the emotional high of my farewell I went home and gave my new camera lens and spin. I photographed the flowers in a bouquet from church. I’m happy with my new toy.

Blessings to you all.

May you friends know how much you love them, as I know my friends love me.

Adrian xo

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Meryl said...

A wonderful farewell, Adrian! I'm signing off now, too. It's been great following your experiences and I look forward to seeing you on your return.