Wednesday, 19 September 2007


I have always appreciated my friends and acknowledged the import role they play in supporting and encouraging me. Coming to Canada and being without my friends affected me more than i would have realized. I didn't have any de-brief time like going down to the bakery with Luke and Paul, or throw the frizbie with Joel, a cuppa and chat with Rach, drop in on Chels to see how the teaching student world is ticking, or any of the other things i do with my friends that help me relax, be stimulated and be re-charged to face the world . I deeply appreciate the things you did to mark my leaving Australia. I love you all and cherish you very much.

Little things in my day remind me of you. For example; i live 10 km for Desboro so everyday i drive on the David McNicol Highway, go Lauren. Or when i prepare my veges at night i use the peeler i was given before i left Australia. Who would have guessed that the house had everything thing i need for cooking except a peeler. Thanks Rach

I must go, a fight between a couple of bears has broken out over some cans of salmon. I couldn't possibly send pictures. It would be to much to bear, and you would all grizzle.

Love, Adrian XO


Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Always nice to read you, Ade.

Look forward to the next 'You know you're in Canada when'... this is funny stuff!

Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

P.S I hope you packed some good gangster attire to go with that dangerous looking car of yours.

lozza said...

the David McNicol Highway! that has made my day!
i am so telling that to dad tonight!
nice photos Adi!
that little girl next to you with your welcome vicar cake is cute!

Rachel Esther said...

Call it divine inspiration. I had a peeling you would need it....!!! :) Got some stories for you next time we chat and some greetings from my mum. I'll make a cup of tea and it will almost be like you're here!

++Anna++ said...

++ Hey Adrian ++
I hope you are not too sad over there :-(. Rach and I were chatting about you today and we know you are safe and God is keeping you in his care. Looks like you have a lot of people keeping you in their prayers, I know we are. Thanks for my blog message! Its very exciting to receive my third one! God Bless always,
++ Anna ++

Chels said...

Howdy mate,
well just so that you know and keep up to date, the student teaching world is ticking along fine but pretty full on. I'm on holidays but everytime i sit down i feel guilty cos there are so many assignments to be done...but 6 weeks left and its all over red rover. The only real exciting thing is that next year i might be living in a house by the beach-how fun does that sound!!!
Anyway, we all miss ya here too. Good to hear from ya Chels xx

Zita said...

Good post.