Sunday, 16 September 2007

Internet at last

Sorry about ignoring my blog. The church has just upgraded from dial up (almost impossible to blog on), to highspeed 100 mbps. That is super fast.

Im planning to have a regular spot called "You know you're in Canada when... "

So for my first installment

You know you're in Canada when
  • A squirrel runs out of the church garden
  • You have to drive around raccoons on the way home from a ladies guild meeting
  • The cheddar cheese is orange (apparently it is colouring, right)

  • The vicar car is a V8 gangster looking machine

  • 8 of the 12 preset stations on the radio are country! Yeeeeeeee Ha
  • A dollar coin is called a 'loonie' of course the $2 coin is called a ...
  • Your church has a snow shoveling roster
  • Your house has a basement, and so does everybody elses

There has been degree of culture shock. Mainly that everything looks similar but is slightly different or has a different name. Get this; the jug on the altar that holds the spare wine is called a flagon. The worst is I miss spending time my friends. But you were travelling with me, see:

Love, Adrian


++Anna++ said...

Hey Adrian, Its been a week and a half since you have left :-(. It sounds like you are living in an imaginary world with crazy squirrels, mafia cars and whole rooms under your house for zombies to live in! (don't get scared, I'm sure they will stay down there!) Hope you are settling in OK, and that everyone is looking after you. I had a driving lesson on Monday and it went really well and I've got another tomorrow (but i haven't practiced yet cos Luke has been really busy getting ready for Church, so hopefully I'll go OK). On a study break for the next two weeks so I will be awaiting more news from Canada. God Bless, Anna xx

Rachel Esther said...

i mss you too. email coming your way soon.


Matthias Prenzler said...

Hey Adrian,

Great to hear from you! I have to admit I'm a little concerned: One week down and you're already into the flagon... I sure hope it isn't that serious (or is this just a cultural misunderstanding on my part)! I look forward to hearing more exciting tales from the land of ice, squirrels, basements and maple syrup.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless,

Dux said...

Wow, Sounds like you are having some great fun! It must all be such an adventure when everything is so different. I'm missing haveing you ere too buddy.

And i'm dying to know is a two dollar called a goonie (as Rach thought) or a loonie two-nes (as i guessed)?

anyway, it's great to hear from you buddy. I feel like i can fllow along with you this way!
God bless,

Adrian Kramer said...

Yes Anna i do have to watch those zombies, so to distract myself i hold the photo you organised for me and i feel safe instantly.

Love, adi

Katie! Sinclair said...

haha... all this stuff on yur blog makes me laff! its sooo true too... guess i took all those manic squirrells for granted! lol. but im sure if u bring ur little flask of holy water, them zombies will leave u right alone. but not the rabid raccoons.. u have to deal with them all on ur own!