Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The journey begins

Finally there is writing where it is supposed to be.

My trip to Canada is about to begin. This morning i packed my bag and it was only 16kg and I'm allowed 23kg. Time to be extravagant and pack things i thought i would have to leave behind. The first items added were two bottles of wine; one as a gift for my pastor and one of my best reds. Other items will be extra clothes and photos.

Desboro, Ontario will be my home for the next 9 months. Check out the church's website.

1 comment:

Rachel Esther said...

goodbye. safe travel. and all that. i'm not good with these things - as you know. so it's just as well you'll be back in 218. I'll miss you terribly!

with much much love.

Rach xoxo