Thursday, 27 September 2007

We love your accent

Canadian's love the Australian accent. Many people have told me they love my accent. I don't why, i just say "thank you, i have been working on it for 35 years."

Today i was asked at Bible study, "Do Australian's really say fair dinkum." I told the lady that although there are hundreds of slang terms they are not all part of everyday language.

For the dinkum Aussie at heart, the pastor at the other Lutheran Church in Desboro is called Pastor Sheila! Another name that is a little odd to my ears is Randy. I just tell myself, "Remember Adrian, Randy is his name, not a reflection on his personal character."

Some of the sunsets here are as good as any i have seen. I took this photo from my house a couple of days ago.

XO Adrian


Luka said...

Love the Sunset, looks alot like a cross there in the distance. Good to talk to you on Tuesday/Monday. Nearly one month of vicarage down and I am sure the other months will scream by. Have a great week!

++Anna++ said...

++ Love reading about your adventures Adrian, its almost like you are just around the corner instead of thousands of kilometres away. Hope you are enjoying every moment ++