Saturday, 8 September 2007

In Desboro

After 27 hours travelling from my unit in Adelaide i arrived at my hotel in Toronto. Was that a good sleep. Unfortunately i picked up a cold along the way which makes me even more tired than i would have been just from the flying.

Desboro is a pretty place and the church has the most beautiful surrounds. Pastor Dunlop and i get along real well sharing many good laughs already. The house they have prepared for me is an older building, but but more than adequate for the job. I will be installed on Sunday and preach the following week, the 16th.

After much planning and uncertainty about if i would make it to Canada, vicarage has finally started. I am feeling more comfortable by the day with my new surrounds and i'm excited at teh prospect of ministering fulltime.

I will send photos when i'm not on dial up.

God's blessings to you all

Love Adrian

PS Thanks for setting up my blog Rach, miss you lots

PPS thanks for the chocolate frogs Chloe, they helped pass the time from Auckland to LA.


Rachel Esther said...

hey! So you must have found each other ok?!
I can't wait to see photo's!
I'm glad you made it there ok. Guess what - it's raining here! and the Hawks beat the Crows - and i'm going to class and Joel has the day off - the whole world is upside down!!
How was your first service?
thinking of you!

Dux said...

Hey dude, yes she is right the Hawks might have lost to the crows during the regular season but they won in the finals!

Sounds like you are getting right into it buddy. i'm glad you are finally there and things are actually happening!

Luka said...

Hey Adrian!!! Glad to hear you arrived safely. Looking forward to seeing some photo's! God bless you buddy and your in my prayers. Will have to set up skype so we can have a chat. Will they have cable or broadband internet there?

lozza said...

very glad to hear you arrived safely...
sadly west coast lost to the power by three points...
and i got a cervical cancer needle today so my arm is sore!
that's what's been happening here
much love from lauren and tim

Chelsea Rae Pietsch said...

Hi Ade,

Amelia has finally taken over your bedroom here! It's looking much more girly than it was a few days ago.

Glad to hear that you're getting along with your pastor well.

Amelia says: "Thanks for leaving me the venus gillette shaver in the shower. I enjoy a smoother shave as well."

Love Chelsea and Amelia (and Paul) xxx

Chelsea said...

Hey buddy,
It's so awesome to hear that everything is going well and that you've finally made it!! That sux about getting a cold though so i hope it gets better real soon- I'll pray that it does! Have a great day!
Love Chels

Meryl said...

Glad to hear you made it there OK, Adrian. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your experiences over the weeks.
Am I the only one who barracks for Port Power?! It was a great weekend!