Thursday, 6 September 2007

From LA

I have made it to Los Angeles.

Approaching Auckland I discovered why NZ is called the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'; it was covered in one big white cloud. Thankfully we made it through the white mass and landed at Auckland airport at “ten past sex.” That was the short leg of the trip.

After the 11.5 hour trip to LA I’m hoping that my bum regains feeling before I encounter the sub-zero temperatures of Canada. Otherwise frost bite might set in and I suffer from frostius maximus.I have a 2.5 hour break before the last leg. A 4.5 hour flight to Toronto where a hotel bed awaits me. YAY for sleep!!

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Rachel Esther said...

you're nearly there! I'm thinking of you. I keep wondering where you are up to! thanks for letting me know! Yesterday, while you were at the airport, i wrote you a big text message and was putting your number in when i remembered you can't take your phone with you. oh well!

Hope you're warm enough!!!