Monday, 24 September 2007

Oh the colour

Autumn is starting and the colours are fantastic. The locals are saying that this year the colours are lacking intensity because of the dry spring and summer. It all looks good to me and I’m getting some good photos. The nicest thing is that the whole tree does not change colour. So one tree can have a few branches orange and the rest is still green. The contrast is brilliant.

New experiences abound. In this area there are about 55 Mennonite and Amish families, and many more in the south of Ontario. This means that last week I passed a horse and black buggy on the road. Many times I have been in the church office and heard the sound of horse hooves pounding on the bitumen. I race to the window to see a scene of technological clash: a horse and buggy sharing the road with a gravel truck. These people are well respected in the area. Sure their simplistic way of life has some attractions. But it is their hard working, wholesome lifestyles that earn them much admiration. They also offer unique skills such as making simplistic and functional furniture made to order.

I think there is a little bit of Amish in most of us. Don’t we all want our lives to be a little simpler. I’m sure you girls don’t want to wear a long dress and bonnet everyday (only navy blue is allowed, no colours) . But to have nothing making demands on our time but another human would be nice. No blog, facebook, emails, mobile phone, telephone or tv would free up a lot of time for people; and after all, is that not the better thing (Luke 10:42).

Blessings for your day


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++Anna++ said...

++ If we didn't have blogs, emails, mobile phones, we wouldn't be able to talk to you except through letters that may get delayed for weeks Adrian, can't believe I had to point that one out to you! ++