Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Roundabouts and winkels

I have been on the famed ‘roundabout’ at Waterloo. The driver didn’t use it as it should be used. A car was almost on the other side of the roundabout and we waited for it to exit before we entered. In time, I’m sure they will learn.

What is a winkel? A meeting of pastors. We would call it a pastor fraternal. This was a meeting of the pastors in this circuit (6 pastors) to discuss pastor things. It was ok, one of the retired pastors is the funniest man and he made the day go a whole lot faster.

You know you are in Canada when

  • People eat pie (the generic term used to describe any fruit pie) with a slice of that orange cheese on it. And they rave about pie with cheese. Haven’t they heard of cream?!
  • You are reading your devotion in bed and hear Coyotes howling in the background? It was a little spooky, but pretty cool all the same.
Bye, love Adrian


Rachel Esther said...

Got my computer BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! Oh yeah! had a great chat with some one of the girls in my office today that you would've loved! pick a controversial topic that we love and reckon you'll just about have it!! :)

Andrea Wise said...

'apple pie without some cheese is like a hug without a squeeze'.
you cant have apple pie without cheese. you should know that by now.